CCBHC New Grantee Learning Community

This page is for CCBHCs who are participating in the 2023-2024 CCBHC New Grantee Learning Community to access all learning community materials.

The CCBHC New Grantee Learning Community is designed for those new to CCBHC implementation. This year-long learning community will provide monthly guidance and peer-to-peer sharing opportunities for CCBHC-PDI grantees over the first year of grant implementation.

This learning community is designed to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of CCBHC criteria elements and apply this knowledge to the grant implementation requirements and deliverables throughout the year.
  • Establish and implement project management and change management to promote successful organization transformation as a CCBHC.
  • Utilize lessons learned from CCBHCs and guidance from experts to inform the development of all Y1 deliverables — including needs assessment, establishing all required services, staffing plan and sustainability plan.

Session Materials

Recordings and slides from monthly sessions will be uploaded to this page within 48 hours after each session. We will also continue to add links to relevant resources and information.

Session 1: Orientation
Session 2: Needs Assessment
Session 3: Establishing a Continuous Quality Improvement and Data Management Approach as a CCBHC
Session 4: Service Array
Session 5: Practice Transformation as a CCBHC

Relevant Resources

CCBHC On-demand Lessons

Care Coordination
Availability and Accessibility
Scope of Services
Quality and Other Reporting
Organization Authority, Governance, and Accreditation
Community Needs Assessment