Advancing General Health Integration in Community Behavioral Health: Mid-Year Findings

The persistent rise in mental health and substance use challenges has resulted in increased health care costs over time. Increased costs for those who have chronic medical and co-occurring mental health and/or substance use disorders are attributed to the lack of services integration leading to poor outcomes and high costs. 

Montefiore Care Management Organization, in partnership with the CoE-IHS, launched a learning collaborative designed to assist community behavioral health organizations in optimizing whole-person care by implementing general health integration (GHI) in their clinical programs. Using the novel evidence-based framework for GHI, Advancing Integration of General Health in Behavioral Health Settings: A Continuum-Based Framework, participants in this collaborative have learned from experts on key evidence-based practices to advance integration, pilot local interventions to improve general health screening and outcomes and share best practices and implementation strategies.  

Join us on Monday, February 28, 12 – 1 p.m. ET for our webinar, Advancing General Health Integration in Community Behavioral Health: Mid-Year Findings. Hear from subject matter experts and learning collaborative participants to learn more about key findings and takeaways from the learning collaborative to date!