ASAM ECHO Session 5 – Opioid Use Disorder

CCBHC-E NTTAC has partnered with ASAM to provide a six-session CCBHC ECHO on substance use. ECHO series offers a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of actual patient cases submitted by attendees. Participants can look forward to receiving guidance and feedback from a diverse panel of expert faculty. This program is tailored for professionals new to the field of addiction treatment, providing them with the means to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence. This introductory program is specifically designed for CCBHC grant recipients, including social workers, therapists and additional clinical team members involved in patient care.

This session will describe how medications for opioid use disorder work and the evidence behind them to ensure clinicians have sufficient knowledge to talk to patients about the available options, including dispelling common myths and misinformation that may come up in clinical environments.