CoE-IHS Office Hour: Workforce Development & Psychological Safety among BIPOC Women in Leadership

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Employees do not fear rejection for being their authentic selves in a workplace that promotes psychological safety. They tend to feel safe to take healthy risks, ask other team members for help and discuss difficult problems and issues more easily without fear of reproach.

Because of historical marginalization and racism, women of color experience unique expectations and stigmatization that can have a negative impact on their ability to be promoted or assume leadership positions. Creating psychologically safe workspaces for all employees, particularly women of color, is critical to ensure diverse leadership within an organization.

Prioritizing the workforce development and psychological safety for women of color in integrated care organizations creates more opportunities for employee retention and satisfaction and ultimately leads to a diverse and supported workforce prepared to provide the care needed within your community.

Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions (CoE-IHS) for an upcoming office hour session, Workforce Development and Psychological Safety among BIPOC Women in Leadership, on Wednesday, March 29, 1-2 p.m. ET. We’ll discuss opportunities to improve psychological safety among women from Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities within integrated care organizational leadership through the lens of cultural humility, diversity, equity and inclusion.

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