Session 3: Financing for Sustainability – Understanding Your Costs and Preparing for New Payment Models

Understanding and optimizing your costs as a CCBHC is critical for sustainability of services. This session will identify processes CCBHC-E grantees can establish to capture their costs and optimize billing as a CCBHC, as well as considerations for alternative payment models.

CCBHC Sustainability Learning and Action Series

November 2022 – January 2023

The CCBHC Sustainability Learning and Action Series is designed for CCBHC grantees interested in learning and understanding the different pathways to building and maintaining a sustainable plan for the CCBHC model. The curriculum for this Learning Series will review approaches to collaborating with states and other stakeholders to build the value case for statewide CCBHC implementation, transitioning from a grant program to state certification, and effective strategies to optimize future billing opportunities.