CCBHCs and the Justice System: Saving Time, Money and Lives

From police departments to courts of law, the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model is decreasing the burden and costs to public safety divisions by providing a mechanism to coordinate, deliver – and often pay for – mental health and substance use services for justice-involved persons.

Across the country, partnerships between CCBHCs and criminal justice agencies are providing pre-arrest deflection, 911 support and helping people in the justice system maintain recovery while under community supervision. It’s more than just a service to the community – it’s a CCBHC model requirement.

Partnerships with CCBHCs are building healthier communities and reducing overdoses and suicides.
• In Missouri, CCBHCs reduced justice involvement by 55% for people with mental health and substance use challenges.
• CCBHCs in Oklahoma saved law enforcement about 6,600 hours of work through mobile response and telehealth in just one year.
• In Texas, one CCBHC saved a local police budget $1.64 million on crisis response with another CCBHC’s pre-arrest diversion program saving the county $5.54 for every $1 spent.