CoE-IHS Office Hour: Integrated Care Strategies to Improve Perinatal Health Equity

The Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions (CoE-IHS) recently concluded its four-part Perinatal Health Webinar Series, highlighting opportunities for improving integrated care for pregnant and postpartum people.

Addressing topics ranging from supporting families experiencing substance use disorders, serious mental illness and other health and social needs, speakers throughout the series shared exemplary integrated care models that address the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum people through innovative partnerships, de-stigmatizing and supportive environments and person-centered care.

Join us for an office hour session on Thursday, August 25, 3-4 p.m. ET for an open discussion with the webinar series speakers to ask questions and learn more about their work implementing integrated care models. Together, we will learn different strategies to provide equitable care to individuals and families from diverse communities. Come join the discussion and have your questions answered!   

Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions

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