CoE Office Hour: Resources for Advancing Oral health Coordination & Integration

Uncoordinated oral and behavioral health care and lack of access to care can drastically exacerbate existing health disparities, increase health care costs and result in poor overall health outcomes for those living with mental health and/or substance use challenges. Models of care that are coordinated and integrated can more effectively respond to patients’ past experiences and conditions and have the potential to reduce costs, improve outcomes and improve patients’ accessibility to care as well as the experiences associated with the delivery of care.

To address the growing need for oral and behavioral health care integration, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, in partnership with Bowling Business Strategies, will be launching an exciting ECHO to expand and scale oral health integration models outlined in the recent toolkit, Oral Health, Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment: A Framework for Care Coordination & Integration. 

Join us on Tuesday, January 25, from 3 –4 p.m. ET for our upcoming office hour, Resources for Advancing Oral Health Coordination and Integration to hear from subject matter experts and learn more about the upcoming Oral Health Integration ECHO.