Session 3 – Evaluating the “Anticipated” Costs of Becoming a CCBHC

Session 3 of the Financial Management and Sustainability Learning and Action Series will present a framework of evaluating costs for new or expanded services to become CCBHC compliant. We will explore how to determine gaps between current baseline and anticipated costs and approaches for projecting for future clients, service utilization and staffing requirements. The session will begin with review and discussion of baseline cost assignment from session two and end with a new assignment on identifying gaps between the baseline and requirements to be a fully compliant CCBHC.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn approaches for forecasting future clients served as a CCBHC and their impact on future services provided and staffing needs
  • Understand the overall growth in direct program costs/staffing and their impact on additional infrastructure costs
  • Review tools to identify gaps between the existing service baseline and what is required to become CCBHC compliant