An Innovative, Evidence-based Solution to Workforce Challenges

This webinar has passed, but you can watch the recording here and download the presentation slides here.

Community mental health providers are facing an unprecedented workforce challenge. Long wait lists, provider burn-out, and inadequate resources for providers make it difficult for communities to access the quality care they need. Providers will continue to burn out if they don’t have support.

CETA Global is an evidence-based system of care that enables clinicians to assess, triage and treat multiple mental health and substance use problems concurrently. This approach to care has been shown to improve access to care, reduce client case loads, and enhance the effectiveness and ease of care delivery. It also has provider wellness at the forefront offering ongoing coaching and support.

Join Dr. Laura Murray, CEO and founder of CETA Global and Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, for this informative webinar.

Participants of the webinar will:

  • Be able to describe what a transdiagnostic intervention is and why these may help clinics and providers with case-loads and burden.
  • List the common elements within CETA, why they were chosen, and the evidence supporting the use of such a system.
  • Explain how the CETA system, (inclusive of assessment, triage, service and monitoring) could work within an organization.