CoE-IHS Office Hour: Integrated Care for Aging Populations

Many older adults experience multiple chronic conditions alongside depression, anxiety, substance use or other behavioral health challenges. Integrated care models bring together medical, behavioral health and social services to provide comprehensive, coordinated care that addresses the unique needs of people as they age.

Join our upcoming office hour session, Integrated Approaches for Addressing Older Adult Aging and Behavioral Health Needs, on  July 18, 1-2 p.m. ET, where we’ll be unpacking the critical insights shared in our recent webinar session.

You will have the opportunity to engage directly with our expert panelists and gain a deeper understanding of the approaches and strategies discussed in the webinar. Our panelists will be on hand to address your questions, share their experiences and provide further insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with addressing aging and behavioral health needs in older adults.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from industry leaders and gain valuable knowledge that you can apply in your own practice!

Missed the webinar? Access the recording on demand!

Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions

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