Navigating the New Normal: Whole Health, Wellness, and Resilience

Navigating through the unknown and manifesting resilience takes time and energy that’s often hard to find in today’s world. A Whole Health approach is an important step in furthering employee wellness, and a natural match with Occupational Therapist’s expertise and training. We will explore practical interventions for implementing this approach, and how to apply resilience and compassion cultivation to assist us as we manage our own trauma responses to the turbulence that we are all experiencing. Join the Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions, in partnership with the American Occupational Therapy Association, on Thursday, September 10th for Navigating the New Normal: Whole Health, Wellness and Resilience. We will explore strategies and ideas to: • Understanding the synergy of Occupational Therapy and Whole Health, including Occupational Therapy’s potential role in employee wellness • Learn motivation for and impact of Employee Whole Health as well as applicable resources • Practice how to take a resiliencing approach- specific skills and techniques necessary to promote resilience in ourselves, each other, and those we work with