Oral Health & Behavioral Health: Models of Coordinated and Integrated Care

Oral health and behavioral health are closely tied together. Uncoordinated oral and behavioral health care and lack of access to care can drastically exacerbate health disparities, increase health care costs and result in poor overall health outcomes for those most at-risk. Join us on Wednesday, August 19th at 3 p.m. ET to learn more about emerging models of coordinated and integrated care for oral and behavioral health. During this webinar, we will learn about new care models that have been implemented by AllCare Health, Capitol Dental, and Swope Health, and hear insights from these organizations about key barriers and facilitators to better integrated oral and behavioral health care. This webinar will also present a sample integration framework that can be used by providers and other stakeholders interested in advancing more coordinated and integrated care across the oral and behavioral health systems. It will conclude with a series of policy options to help advance work in this area moving forward.