What are the workforce implications of moving to a CCBHC model of care? During sessions 1 and 2, explore the workforce implications and learn more about revamping, readjusting, and fine-tuning your workforce staffing models and policies for maximum success.  

During this session, we address hiring (pay for licensing, open door policies, onboarding and exiting, flexible work hours, referral bonuses), new staff (supervision for peers, data analysts, SUD, prescribers), and flexible/remote work arrangements.

Workforce Innovations Series

February – April 2023

The Workforce Innovations Learning and Action Series provides guidance on how to build an effective staff infrastructure and plan for long-term success through exploration of a range of strategies and innovations from subject matter experts and CCBHC grantees. These 90-minute sessions will be led by subject matter experts, as well as experienced CCBHCs. Each session will offer an in-depth look at trends, tools, and strategies through practical implementation discussions — all designed to help maximize your workforce efforts.