TRX Development Solutions

Bronze Partner

TRX Development Solutions provides targeted expertise that helps community-based organizations and public agencies meet the needs of the communities they serve. Our service areas include program evaluation, electronic health record (EHR) management and implementation, community-based research and needs assessment, behavioral interventions, strategic planning, and grant writing (government and private). TRX has deep experience with the evaluation of SAMHSA projects, including CCBHCs and diverse programming in mental health services, treatment, and prevention. We work in both English and Spanish, and our clients serve local, state-level and national constituencies, in urban, suburban and rural communities alike.

TRX is pleased to provide discounted services to National Council members seeking to improve their EHR capacity or explore new alternatives in health information technology (HIT). Please visit or email to:

  • Set up a complimentary one-hour consultation to introduce our practices for EHR/HIT assessment, implementation, and management.
  • Receive up to 10 hours of consultation at a 25% discount on our hourly rate for a full assessment of your EHR/HIT capacities, your system’s alignment with programming, and steps for strategic development of your clinical data management capacities.
  • Claim further discounts for packages that include EHR selection, implementation, management and reporting.