Glenda Wrenn, MD

Integration Champion, Director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute; Division of Behavioral Health Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Morehouse School of Medicine

Dr. Wrenn is an associate professor, psychiatrist, and health policy/mental health services researcher at Morehouse School of Medicine where she directs the Division of Behavioral Health in the Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI)) and serves as Director of the Kennedy Center for Mental Health Policy and Research.

Although much of her research focuses on systems of care improvements related to the culturally-centered integration of behavioral health and primary care, Dr. Wrenn’s passion and overall research aim is to help create environments where individuals adversely impacted by trauma will face a path forward that makes it easier for them to recover and build a good life. As there are many paths to the trans-theoretical construct of resilience, Dr. Wrenn’s work has examined diverse health conditions and approaches to fostering individual and community resource development and recovery.

Dr. Wrenn has helped to advance integration in several large health systems and individual practices of all sizes. She is a community engaged researcher, with frequent knowledge exchanges in the community through speaking and events; and also serves as an advisor for several local, regional, and national health-related organizations.