David Lloyd’s Concurrent Documentation Full Set

February 3, 2022

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David Lloyd Concurrent Documentation DVDs

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If documentation requirements prevent or hinder you from providing direct service to consumers, these DVDs will introduce to you a proven model that can transform your operation and enable it to achieve positive fiscal, compliance, and consumer outcomes.
The never ending paperwork/documentation catch up challenge has produced unintended and unfortunate outcomes that affect the quality of services to consumers, the quality of life of staff, and the quality of the organization’s financial/compliance health. The post documentation model (documenting services after the session) is rife with inefficiencies and reduces the time staff can spend with consumers needing services.
Discover a better way! Community behavioral healthcare organizations adopting the concurrent documentation model are realizing positive outcomes in several key areas:

  • Dramatic improvement in the quality of life for direct care and support staff.
  • Enhanced compliance with documentation requirements.
  • Enhanced therapeutic alliance with consumers and a higher level of consumer satisfaction.
  • Shift from “have-to-do documentation” approach to documentation as a therapeutic tool.

Learn all about the concurrent documentation model with the complete set of three David Lloyd DVDs, featuring:

  1. Concurrent Documentation Technique (Disc One): David Lloyd’s full 6-hour presentation at the 2008 National Council Preconference Institute
  2. Concurrent Documentation Training Support (Disc Two): David Lloyd and his team at MTM Services offer guidance in implementing the concurrent documentation techniques you’ll learn about in Disc One.
  3. Concurrent Documentation Case Studies (Disc Three): Learn from organizations that are successfully using the concurrent documentation model — get details on planning and implementation strategies, management team support, working alliance with consumers, and medical team involvement.