Approaches to Sustainability for CCBHCs: Guidance for Grantees

Mar 23, 2023

The SAMHSA-funded CCBHC Expansion Grantee National Training and Technical Assistance Center, in partnership with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing (National Council) and Third Horizon Strategies (THS), conducted an environmental scan to assess the sustainability landscape for CCBHC-E grants. This paper aims to summarize the results of those efforts and identify impactful strategies being utilized by grantees to achieve sustainable funding. A key takeaway is that the most promising course of action seems to be partnerships to create a permanent CCBHC funding mechanism at the state level. A limitation of this resource, or the broader landscape, is that outside of the CCBHC demonstration states, THS could identify only a limited number of providers with access to other APMs to sustain model implementation.