The Let’s Talk: Trans and Non-binary Health in the Rural South (64 minutes) webinar

December 12, 2021

The members of this panel discuss their experiences in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Arkansas. The description section of this webinar provides multiple valuable resources listed with their designated links.

Here are some of the topics highlighted in the webinar:

  • Discussion of health care considering COVID-19.
  • Black and people of color in the trans community.
  • Resilience and strength within these communities.
  • Privilege and access to health care.
  • Advocacy in health care for trans and non-binary individuals.
  • Community members’ health care experiences.
  • How health care organizations can use resources to better serve rural trans and non-binary clients.
  • Ideas of how we can move forward using what we’ve learned during the current pandemic.

The webinar provides a preview of the health challenges that trans and non-binary communities are experiencing during the pandemic. To further understand the additional barriers the COVID-19 pandemic has created for the trans community, you also need to understand the history of oppression and discrimination that these communities faced before COVID-19. Dr. Singh takes readers on a deeper dive through her TED (technology, entertainment, design) Talks, Trans Liberation is for Everybody (10 minute podcast) and Let’s Talk about Gender (15 minutes).

The Let’s Talk: Trans and Non-binary Health in the Rural South (64 minutes) webinar is a panel conversation between community members, activists and organizations focused on the health care of trans and non-binary people in the rural South, hosted by Anneliese Singh, Ph.D., LPC.