Integrated Health Consulting

September 1, 2021

Integrated health, also known as integrated care, is a patient-centered approach that coordinates all aspects of healthcare — from prevention to treatment — to improve patient experience, health outcomes and reduce costs.

From the beginning stage of assessing organizational buy-in to developing long-term plans for financial sustainability, the National Council’s team of integrated health care experts will help open the door to new and innovative strategies your organization can use to become more effective and efficient at providing sustainable integrated services and better treating patients.

Integrated care offers evidence-based building blocks to address whole health needs — from team-based care and shared decision making, to bridging the gap of physical and care delivery silos. We are the touchstone for resources, tools and support for mental health and primary care providers, safety-net provider organizations and states on integrating primary and mental health care using a variety of models and approaches. From the beginning stage of assessing organizational buy-in to developing long-term plans for financial sustainability, our integrated care experts can help open the door to new and innovative possibilities.

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Integrated Care ModelsEvidence-based Practice
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“The coaching calls are not only supportive and informative, they bring together peers and experts form others projects and activities.”

“Collaboration at its best!! We get to know others, brainstorm great ideas, and problem solve.”

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Why Does the National Council offer Integrated Health Consulting?

Healthcare systems today are confronted with the issue of disjointed care and a lack of standardization, resulting from providers operating in silos that lead to inefficiencies, potential errors and create disparities in patient outcomes. Integrated care is especially critical in behavioral health where we are often faced with large caseloads of individuals with chronic, complex conditions. Integrated health approaches seek to remedy several of these challenges by addressing the need for holistic team based care that brings physical and mental health/substance use services together in a variety of models and approaches.

At the National Council, our team of expert consultants stand ready to assist organizations in assessing their starting point, the options available to them to advance care integration and or build fully integrated systems of care. The consulting team will consider your practice across a variety of domains including workforce, sustainability, data informed practices, care pathways and more. The goal of building a greater level of “integratedness” is to improve both the provider and patient experience and improve outcomes through providing person centered, effective and efficient care.

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