SBIRT Consulting

March 11, 2024

Screening and identifying unhealthy substance use is critical to improving health outcomes for individuals and communities. Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) consulting will equip your organization with the skills and processes you need to successfully implement the SBIRT model for your adult and youth clients.

We know that true change doesn’t happen overnight, and we will stay with you through every aspect of your implementation. Our coaching and consultation services will help you refine clinical workflows, establish a data collection plan, identify quality measures to track SBIRT processes and outcomes and support your staff as they hone their brief intervention skills. 

Service Topics

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Clinical Care Delivery Model Implementation 
Quality Improvement and Performance Measurement Cost-based Value Analyses 
Staff Development Decision-making 

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Why Does the National Council Offer SBIRT Consulting? 

SBIRT consulting is at the heart of the National Council’s commitment to mental wellbeing, including recovery from substance use. We champion SBIRT because it stands out as an effective, evidence-based prevention and early intervention model and because we know that to harness the model’s full potential, mere one-off trainings are simply not enough. For sustained success, you staff not only needs to know how to administer SBIRT; they need to feel comfortable doing it.

Our consulting approach is built on the understanding, supported by research such as Bernstein et al. (2009c), that a well-trained team is essential for the routine and efficient administration of SBIRT. Through our expert guidance, we aim to ensure that SBIRT becomes an integral and proficiently executed part of healthcare service delivery in America.  

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