Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral Treatment (SBIRT and Youth SBIRT)

May 10, 2021

Recognizing and managing substance use is often a missing link in the integration of mental health, substance use and primary care. Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and Youth SBIRT (YSBIRT) fill that gap by helping you identify, reduce and prevent risky or unhealthy alcohol and drug use among your patients.

The National Council’s virtual or in-person 3-hour introductory and refresher SBIRT and YSBIRT courses will equip individuals or groups with the skills necessary to use evidence-based screening tools effectively to assess substance use risk levels, cover appropriate responses including how to conduct brief interventions, and how to facilitate referrals for treatment effectively and efficiently.

Recommended for:

Healthcare Clinicians (e.g. Nurses, Primary Care Providers, etc.), Behavioral Healthcare Providers (e.g. Therapists, Psychologists, etc.) Alcohol and Drug Use Counselors (e.g. Peer Support Providers, etc.), Managers, Supervisors

Our consultants can help you refine clinical workflows and advise you on using data collection and measurement to improve and promote your SBIRT services or support clinicians to hone their brief intervention skills. 

The National Council uses a three-phase consultation approach to facilitate clinical and operational change for SBIRT to be a sustainable integrated care service:

  1. Implementation planning and guidance to build a successful operational and clinical rollout of SBIRT. 
  1. Training to utilize recommended screening tools for an adolescent or adult population, practicing brief interventions and identifying best practices for referral to treatment and ongoing management. 
  1. Implementation coaching to refine workflows and establish a quality improvement plan. 

Related topics can be added, such as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Establishing Community Partnerships, Common Substances 101 and Motivational Interviewing. 

Live Virtual Trainings or In-person3 hours$65 Individual
Group Rates Available
Certificate of Completion


“There was a lot of good information, as well as how to make it work within your agency. Made you think about how to insert it into what you’re already doing and not make extra work for someone.”

“Very informative and research backed. Great engagement. Trainer is very knowledgeable and a great presenter”

“YSBIRT was a great and informative training. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to educate others. I look forward to the toolkit!

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What can I expect to learn at the training/workshop?
  • Participants will leave the training being able to:
    • Identify, understand, and articulate the core principles of the SBIRT model, and recognize its significance in early intervention and prevention of substance use disorders.
    • Effectively employ screening tools and methodologies to identify patients who may be at risk for substance use disorders, as well as those with active substance use issues.
    • Implement brief intervention techniques appropriately, employing motivational interviewing and other evidence-based strategies to encourage individuals to change risky behaviors.
    • Facilitate referrals to treatment services for those identified with substance use disorders, understanding the variety of treatment options available and how to assist individuals in accessing these services.
What size groups can your training accommodate?
  • We can accommodate group sizes of up to 35 participants.
Do you offer group rates?

Yes! Group rates are available. Contact us to learn more.

How can I register multiple people at the same time?
  • Please register each person individually to ensure that each participant can receive their unique login link.
  • *Please note that if the individual login link is shared with anyone else, the original registrant will not be able to access the training.
Can I tailor the training to my organization and bring the training in-house?
  • Yes! We are committed to closely collaborating with you and your organization to customize our program of training. Our goal is to fully align with your unique needs and objectives to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and success.
My organization doesn’t have PayPal and/or I don’t have access to a credit card, are there other payment options?
  • No, unfortunately not at this time. We do not send invoices for payment or accept checks.
What is your training cancellation policy?
  • For national trainings, registrants have the option to cancel their registration up until the training occurs. A link to cancel your registration is found in your automated confirmation email sent upon registration.
  • For group training cancellations, please email your point of contact.
Do you offer Certificates of Completion?
  • Yes! We offer Certificates of Completion to all workshop participants that have successfully completed the training upon request.
Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (e.g., CEU’s, CE’s)?
  • While we do not offer continuing education or professional development credits (CEUs, CEs, etc.) directly, we are happy to provide you with the necessary documentation for you to submit to your relevant accrediting body to obtain credits (i.e., Certificates of completion, training agenda, trainer bio/credentials, etc.).
What are the technical requirements for your Live Virtual Trainings?
  • To participate in our Live Virtual Trainings, attendees must have access to a computer or laptop equipped with video and audio functions, with the ability to connect to the Zoom platform.
Who is the National Council for Mental Wellbeing?
  • Founded in 1969, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that works on behalf of over 3,300 mental health and substance use service providers across America to create a stronger, better-funded, more integrated approach to mental health and substance use care. We believe that healthy minds create strong communities.

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