Test Page for Deirdre

We would like to add a note on the CMS within the relationship block regarding child pages, just to clarify the distinction between what a Focus Area will show versus what a Miscellaneous Category will show versus what a Resource Type will show. If, for example, the “CCBHC” Focus Area is checked when creating a relationship block in the CMS, child pages will not show up on the front end. However, when the “CCBHC-E Resource” Miscellaneous Category is checked, child pages will show up on the front end. I’m uncertain of what will happen when the “CCBHC-E Resource” Resource Type is selected, so it would be helpful if you could determine that and add a relevant CMS note.

The note should be formatted like the one in parentheses after the two options for “Sort Order Direction” shown above (on the back end).