Applying Motivational Interviewing Principles with People with Serious Mental Illness during Crisis Situations

Crisis situations can exacerbate and compound one’s experience of trauma. Working with people with SMI in community practice requires a special skill set and when treatment professionals consider that many clients also have a high number of adverse experiences prior to receiving services, the challenge multiplies. As treatment professionals work diligently to maintain positive and productive relationships with clients it is essential to start with a foundation of person-centered communication. Targeted crisis planning for people with SMI is a tool that complements other suicide prevention efforts, especially during crisis situations. In this webinar, the presenters will identify the Motivational Interviewing strategies most applicable to working with people with SMI, especially during escalated and crisis situations. The webinar will draw from example scenarios as the presenters overlay Dr. Bruce Perry’s arousal continuum with the spirit and process of Motivational Interviewing.