MTM Services: Assessing your CCBHC Competency Readiness

Understanding the new CCBHC Certification Criteria

Whether you’re an existing CCBHC, a grantee or looking to the future, successfully navigating the turbulent waters of change is never easy. To truly be successful as a CCBHC, organizations must be able to assess their ability to meet the clinical, operational and business outcomes needed to be successful. This webinar will focus on how to assess your organization’s current level of performance against the core competencies and revised CCBHC certification criteria needed in the new healthcare environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess your organizations readiness as a CCBHC under the new CCBHC Certification Criteria
  • Learn how to develop your CCBHC performance improvement plan
  • Review the updated CCBHC Criteria and what has changed
  • Develop your CCBHC culture needed for implementing and sustaining change to meet the certification criteria requirements