Historical & Intergenerational Trauma and Resiliency – SJLA Learning Series August 2022

Featured Speakers

Understanding historical and intergenerational trauma is essential to providing culturally competent and person-centered care. Join us on August 29 for the Social Justice Leadership Academy’s (SJLA) August Learning Series Event as Tamanna Patel, MPH, and Terence Fitzgerald, Ph.D., explore these specific forms of trauma, the impacts they have on individuals and communities and how you can shift your work toward a trauma-informed, resilience-oriented model.

In this webinar we will:

  • Identify what historical and intergenerational trauma are and how they may present within your field of practice.
  • Analyze the connection between trauma and social justice.
  • Discuss the personal and societal impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma.
  • Investigate the topic of resiliency with clients who may have experienced historical and intergenerational trauma.

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