Optimizing Data through Measurement-informed Care: Session 1 – Understanding Measurement-informed Care

Measurement-informed Care (MIC) uses data to inform service provision and administration. It is an ongoing process requiring technology optimization, staff buy-in and training. Value-based/alternative payment model (APM) contracting is fast becoming the norm, requiring agencies to ensure all staff know how to access and use data to inform their day-to-day work. Reliable data capture, analysis and reporting is just the start. In this three-part series we will investigate what it takes to adopt an MIC services approach.

In session 1 we will review the literature defining MIC. Topics will include the utility of MIC for staff and clients, the role of MIC in value-based care/APM, key components of effective and efficient MIC and how it differs from usual care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and differentiate MIC from other approaches to capturing and using clinical data.
  • Understand how MIC can be used to provide clients with health literacy.
  • Explore how MIC helps staff better understand client needs and more effectively provide services in a value-based care/alternative payment model environment.
  • Share resources to learn more about MIC.