Behavioral Health Training for Community Health Workers

November 1, 2021

The Community Health Worker training from the National Council expands the skills of community health workers in primary and behavioral healthcare settings to better understand and support those living with mental health and substance use challenges.

Recommended for:

Community health workers in any setting

Our 8-hour group training takes a deep dive into important topics that are often missing from community health worker training programs but are key to providing culturally responsive and recovery-oriented care. Participants will acquire fundamental knowledge about behavioral health conditions, integrated care, trauma-informed care, and self-care. This knowledge will enhance their competencies and empower them to deliver crucial services more effectively.

For more than 60 years, community health workers (CHWs) have had an important role in improving health behaviors and outcomes, particularly for racial and ethnic minority communities. In chronic disease care, CHWs provide culturally responsive services to educate patients, identify resources, provide case management and support care coordination activities, and become part of an individual’s support network. Understanding the mental health and substance use challenges of the people in their communities expands the CHW’s ability to provide necessary services, but is often a gap in their training.

Live virtual trainings or in-person 8 hours8-50Group rates availableCertificate of Completion 


“I learned the importance of self-care and how to serve every person with gentleness, patience and love because you don’t know their story or struggle. The training was excellent!”

“This was such an enjoyable training. It was a safe environment with an incredible educator. Thank you!”

“Our expert trainer Joan was beyond engaging and knowledgeable. I would recommend.”

Behavioral Health Training for Community Health Workers FAQs

What can I expect to learn at the training/workshop?
  • Participants will leave the training being able to:
    • Understand the principles of integrated care and their role within it, as well as how to provide effective support for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, and substance use challenges.
    • Recognize the impact of trauma on mental health, substance use, and physical health, and incorporate trauma-informed care into their practice.
    • Develop essential skills for suicide risk assessment and prevention, aimed at supporting individuals in a non-clinical capacity.
    • Learn the importance of self-care for caregivers and implement strategies to maintain their own mental and emotional well-being while providing support to others.
What size groups can your training accommodate?
  • We can accommodate group sizes of up to 50 participants.
Do you offer group rates?
  • Yes! Group rates are available. Contact us to learn more.
How can I register multiple people at the same time?
  • Please register each person individually to ensure that each participant can receive their unique login link.
  • *Please note that if the individual login link is shared with anyone else, the original registrant will not be able to access the training.
Can I tailor the training to my organization and bring the training in-house?
  • Yes! We are committed to closely collaborating with you and your organization to customize our program of training. Our goal is to fully align with your unique needs and objectives to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and success.
My organization doesn’t have PayPal and/or I don’t have access to a credit card, are there other payment options?
  • No, unfortunately not at this time. We do not send invoices for payment or accept checks.
What is your training cancellation policy?
  • For national trainings, registrants have the option to cancel their registration up until the training occurs. A link to cancel your registration is found in your automated confirmation email sent upon registration.
  • For group training cancellations, please email your point of contact.
Do you offer Certificates of Completion?
  • Yes! We offer Certificates of Completion to all workshop participants that have successfully completed the training upon request.
Do you offer Continuing Education Credits (e.g., CEU’s, CE’s)?
  • While we do not offer continuing education or professional development credits (CEUs, CEs, etc.) directly, we are happy to provide you with the necessary documentation for you to submit to your relevant accrediting body to obtain credits (i.e., Certificates of completion, training agenda, trainer bio/credentials, etc.).
What are the technical requirements for your Live Virtual Trainings?
  • To participate in our Live Virtual Trainings, attendees must have access to a computer or laptop equipped with video and audio functions, with the ability to connect to the Zoom platform.
Who is the National Council for Mental Wellbeing?
  • Founded in 1969, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that works on behalf of over 3,300 mental health and substance use service providers across America to create a stronger, better-funded, more integrated approach to mental health and substance use care. We believe that healthy minds create strong communities.

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