Practice-Transformation Academy

June 10, 2021

When we fundamentally restructure the ways in which we operate, we open the door to major, sustained enhancements in organizational efficiency, effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Our team of expert consultants at the National Council will work together with you and your organization to evaluate and transform your workflow and operations, technology integrations and your managerial and service delivery processes. A combination of in-person meetings, practice coaching calls, and webinars culminate in the completion of a ‘Stretch Project.’ The knowledge and skill development gained throughout the Practice-Transformation Academy will ultimately serve to increase the value your organization brings to clients, payers and communities through quality service improvements and cost reduction.

Service Topics

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Clinical Care DeliveryPayment Systems
Risk Assessment and StratificationCost-based Value Analyses
Quality Improvement and Performance MeasurementTechnology Integrations

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Why Did the National Council Create the Practice Transformation Academy?

Behavioral healthcare organizations often wrestle with multifaceted challenges surrounding project management, quality enhancement and performance tracking. The roots of these issues often lie in unclear organizational priorities, difficulties in promoting interdepartmental synergy, lack of definitive quality improvement strategies, roadblocks in driving organizational transformation and challenges in obtaining staff engagement for new initiatives.

This is precisely where the Practice Transformation Academy proves instrumental in providing tailored solutions to these issues, helping organizations set clear goals and priorities, improve interdepartmental coordination for quality enhancement, manage organizational changes effectively, devise successful launch strategies to encourage staff buy-in, and integrate evidence-based practices. This comprehensive approach to organizational transformation paves the way for increased efficiencies, superior quality of care and an overall strengthened organizational framework.

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