Session 1 – Overview: A Glidepath to CCBHC Sustainability

CCBHC grantees are required to develop and implement a sustainability plan to support delivery of services once federal grant funding ends. Session 1 in the Financial Management and Sustainability Learning and Action Series will set the stage for setting establishing strong cost tracking and utilization monitoring as a cornerstone of financial management and how this intersects with the grantee sustainability plan requirement. During the session, we will review all CCBHC program requirements and outline a framework for development of the total budget concept for the CCBHC program that includes grant funding, program income and operating costs as well as various approaches that can be utilized to sustain the CCBHC program once federal grant funds expire. Discussion will end with review of the core elements and framework for a sustainability business plan. Participants will be expected to complete a homework assignment on defining their specific CCBHC program design/budget framework for review during Session #2.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the entire CCBHC program design/budget framework, inclusive of the CCBHC grant budget and other funding streams.
  • Identify various approaches that can be utilized to sustain the fully compliant CCBHC program.
  • Understand the core elements and framework of a sustainability business plan.