Fostering Resilience and Recovery: Additional Resources

December 15, 2019
Trauma Overview
Change Management Strategies: Create the Conditions for Change
Change Concept 1: Help All Individuals Feel Safety, Security and Trust

Assessment Tools


Reports and Papers


Universal Education, Posters and Signage

Change Concept 2: Develop a Trauma-Informed Workforce

Training Resources



PowerPoint Presentation Slides


Implementation and Evaluation Tools


Articles and Handouts


Human Resources Tools

Guidelines and Checklists


Assessment Tools


Posters and Signage



Change Concept 3: Build Compassion Resilience among the Workforce

Presentation Slides and Videos

Change Concept 4: Identify and Respond to Trauma Among Patients

Education and Inquiry Tools


Screening and Assessment Tools


Trauma Specific Interventions

Change Concept 5: Finance and Sustain Trauma-Informed Approaches in Primary Care

Advocacy Tools


Financing Tools