Trauma-Informed Consulting

April 10, 2021

There’s never been a better time to transform your organization into a safer, more compassionate and equitable space that bolsters resilience, ignites growth and dramatically decreases the re-traumatization of both your workforce and the clients you serve.

The National Council’s team of expert trauma consultants offer consultation around the Trauma-informed, Resilience-oriented, Equity-focused Systems (TIROES) approach. Through a focused lens of cultural humility, diversity, equity and engagement we help you transform your organizational culture, structure and treatment framework to better understand, recognize and respond to trauma.

Service Topics

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Early Screening and Comprehensive AssessmentPerson-driven Care and Services
Trauma-informed, Resilience-oriented and Equity-focused Educated and Responsive WorkforceOngoing Performance Improvement and Evaluation
Compassion ResilienceOrganizational Change Management
Safe and Secure EnvironmentsWorkforce Training
Community Outreach and Partnership BuildingBias Mitigation

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“I am unsure if I am even able to express in words how much I have gained from my experience. The Coaching Calls are conversations that I will refer back to for the rest of my life – for personal and professional reasons alike. I’ve been able to make sense of relationships, situations, circumstances, and many of the experiences throughout my life that left me with a “question mark” for most of it. I’ve starting developing ideas and plans not only for the future of my organization, but for the future of ME.”

“What’s been meaningful throughout my learning has been the profound impact of creating a trauma-informed mindset when not only dealing with our families that we serve, but the direct reports we have. For me personally, my ability to help support my staff has been an area of professional development and improvement.”

Why Does the National Council Offer Trauma-Informed Consulting?

Trauma and toxic stress considerably impact an individual’s overall wellbeing, from physical health to psychological, social and spiritual facets of their life. Moreover, untreated trauma exerts a significant toll on our communities, healthcare systems and workforce. In organizations that are providing mental health and substance use services as well as supporting community organizations, the absence of trauma-informed, resilience-oriented, equity-focused approaches to care presents a grave issue. Without an understanding and recognition of trauma, there is a high risk of re-traumatization, exacerbating patient distress and hindering recovery.

Our team of expert consultants at the National Council use a Trauma-informed, Resilience-oriented, Equity-focused Systems (TIROES) framework to apply a strengths-based approach to foster reflection and assessment, healing and resilience, complemented by principles of cultural humility, diversity, equity, and engagement. This approach empowers organizations to better understand, recognize and treat trauma and toxic stress. Our consultants can help support your organization in enhancing patient outcomes, improving staff retention and satisfaction, and increasing the quality of services by helping organizations make the crucial shift towards the kind of comprehensive trauma-informed care that is needed to truly create places of healing.

Trauma-Informed Insights

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